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IDEOtics uses your CCTV footage to give you digital dashboards that capture everything about your store

Your Shoppers
Your Salesmen
Your Stock
Your Space

No additional investment

You read that right! No additional investment.

IDEOtics innovative platform extracts every “bit” of valuable information in your store and gives it back to you with actionable analytics, on insightful dashboards.

For no additional investment! Yes! You read that right!. No additional investment. IDEOtics takes your CCTV footage, converts the video into analyzable data and gives you actionable dashboards!

How we do it

IDEOtics’ proprietary Iris™ application combines sophisticated Image Recognition algorithms, Machine Learning , Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence technologies to convert videos to analyzable data.

This data is then confirmed and enriched with the help of Language Independent systems and trained analysts. These analysts are able to combine the data so extracted with any other relevant data such as Point of Sale data, social media or loyalty card data that may be available, besides adding other semantic data

Our Dashboards

IDEOtics’ provides both standardized and customized dashboards, as required by our retailer clients.

During the initial “Understand Retailer Requirements” phase, IDEOtics meets your stake holders to understand their perspective and works with them to develop customized dashboards, which are then submitted at agreed frequencies.

About us

IDEOtics is powered by SigMax-e, a prominent provider of Global Business Services, based in Malaysia.

It represents what SigMax-e has learned from its clients – hi-tech start-ups from Silicon valley since 2002.

Picking up from simple image processing, involving back-ground separation to complex video analytics, the team at SigMax-e realised that more and more analog data in the shape of digital files would form the content of the internet. From YouTube videos to digital photographs on millions of websites – all would remain “dumb” till technology evolved to read an image or an audio file as effectively as it does a text file. Whether it is for searching for words one is interested in or analysing or comparing content across files, clearly there was an urgent need for extracting intelligence from such analog data hiding in digital files.

Enter A2D: the low-profile project to look for means to convert analog to digital.

Aided by the rapid development of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Data Science, our little project became a distinct possibility.

Our long years of experience in sourcing talent as well as managing processes was an added advantage. Eventually, we put all this together to develop IDEOtics, a multi-application, cross-technology platform that is designed to take CCTV footage, extract every ‘bit’ and pixel of information it contained and place that in an analysable database for text-like analysis. Conscious that the vast scope of the idea could very easily drain our modest resources, we focused on the brick & mortar retail sector – a sector that has been badly hit by on-liners, but clearly offers immense distinct value to consumers.

Our team of engineers and experts from the fields of Computer Vision, Data Science, Software programming and Retail Operations are proud to present IDEOtics – a cost effective and high-return solution for understanding everything that happens in the brick & mortar store of today!

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